Issue: Xbox One Won’t Connect To Router

Due to a few technical issues, your Xbox one won’t connect to router or wireless network. If your Xbox device has the same issue, then follow the quick steps mentioned on this page to resolve it.

Network connection test

  • Step 1 :On your Xbox One device, select the following options.
  • Step 2 :Settings
  • Step 3 :All Settings
  • Step 4 :Network
  • Step 5 :Network Settings
  • Step 6 :Test network connection
  • Step 7 :This will launch the Network troubleshooter and it will try to identify the problem Xbox one won’t connect to router.

Power cycle your Xbox console

  • Step 1 :Remove the router’s power cable from the power source.
  • Step 2 :Access the Settings menu on the Xbox console.
  • Step 3 :Select the Restart console option followed by the Yes option.
  • Step 4 :Re-plug the router’s power cable into the power source.

Connect to correct SSID and password

  • Step 1 :Check if you have connected the Xbox One device to the correct SSID.
  • Step 2 :Make sure to key in the correct wireless password to get connected to the wireless network.
  • Step 3 :To confirm the wireless password using a Windows 10 computer, perform the following steps.
  • Step 4 :Open Control Panel and then click Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center -> Manage Wireless Networks.
  • Step 5 :Right-click your wireless network icon and click the Properties option to fix Xbox one won’t connect to router issue.
  • Step 6 :Navigate to Security and select the checkbox next to the Show characters option.

MAC filtering

  • Step 1 :On the Xbox console, go to Settings and select the Network option followed by the Advanced Settings option.
  • Step 2 :Note down the console’s MAC address.
  • Step 3 :Add the MAC address to the router’s MAC filtering list.
  • Step 4 :Restart the router.
  • Step 5 :Try to connect the Xbox device to the router.

Changing the wireless channel

  • Step 1 :Change the channel on your router and see if the Xbox One device is now able to connect to the router.

Low wireless signal

  • Step 1 :On the Xbox console, navigate to Settings -> All Settings -> Network -> Network Settings.
  • Step 2 :Select the Detailed network statistics option.
  • Step 3 :Check if the wireless signal strength is above 20%.
  • Step 4 :If it is below 20%, try to connect the Xbox console to the router using an interface cable. And check the issues Xbox one won’t connect to router.