WPS Button On Router Not Working

A blinking orange light on the router indicates connection issues with the Internet Service Provider. It also lights orange or amber when the internet speed is low. The router flashes orange light when it is trying to connect to your wireless network. If you have entered the wrong network credentials, the router will display an orange light. If the connected ports are damaged, or the Ethernet cables are not connected tightly, the router shows an orange light. The power light turns amber when the software is tested; if the orange light doesn’t change for 30 seconds, there are some issues.

Netgear Router WPS Button Not Working

If you encounter a WPS button issue on your Netgear router, follow these guidelines to resolve it.

  • Step 1:Make sure to use the original power cable.
  • Step 2:Power on the Netgear router and wait until it initializes.
  • Step 3:Try to configure and apply the wireless network settings. The 'WPS process is in progress' message appears.
  • Step 4:Press the Netgear router's WPS button and hold it for about 30 seconds. The WPS LED glows without flickering.
  • Step 5:Now, click Apply. This should resolve the WPS issue on your Netgear router.
  • Step 6:You can also try resetting the Netgear router. Log into the Netgear router's embedded web server page and check whether WPS is enabled. Do note, however, that you have to configure the Netgear router again.

WPS Button On Centurylink Router Blinking Red

If the WPS button blinks red, it means that the CenturyLink router has detected a session overlap. To resolve this WPS issue, follow these steps.

  • Step 1:While the CenturyLink router is powered on, pull the power cable from its Power port. Check whether all its LEDs have stopped glowing. After a few minutes, reattach the CenturyLink router's power cable to the Power port and wait until the device initializes. The WPS issue should now be resolved.

Sagemcom Router WPS Button Not Working

To use the WPS feature on your Sagemcom router, enable it by following these steps.

  • Step 1:Enter '' in the address bar (or the correct IP address mentioned in the Sagemcom router's label) and press Enter.
  • Step 2:Enter 'admin' as the username and password and click Log in.
  • Step 3:The Sagemcom router's EWS page loads. Locate the WPS tab at the top of the page and click it.
  • Step 4:Go to the WPS switch and click it. The WPS feature is now enabled on your Sagemcom router. 
  • Step 5:Make sure that the Push Button and PIN options are ticked. Click Apply.
  • Step 6:To pair a network device with the Sagemcom router, press and hold the Sagemcom router's WPS button for 5 seconds. The network device should automatically connect to the Sagemcom router's network.

Arris WPS Button Not Working

  • Step 1:Locate the Arris router's IP address and enter it in the address bar on your web browser. Press Enter. An alternative method to find the IP address is as follows. Press Win key & R at the same time to open Run.
  • Step 2:Enter the word 'cmd' without quotes and press Enter. Type 'ipconfig' without quotes and press Enter. Locate the IP address that resembles '192.168.a.b.' Enter this in the 'address bar' of your internet browser and press Enter.
  • Step 3:The Arris router's EWS page loads. Enter 'admin' and 'password' as the username and password, respectively. Click Apply.
  • Step 4:The Arris router's System Basic Setup page loads. Navigate to the 'Modify your Wireless security' tab.
  • Step 5:Enable Wireless Protected Setup on this webpage. Now, you can press the WPS button on the Arris router and pair a mobile device with it.