Wireless Router Not Working After Reset

If your wireless router not working after reset, then you might not have reset the router properly. Resolve this issue by performing the simple troubleshooting steps given on this web page.

  • Step 1:First, check if the connection between your modem and the wireless router is secure.
  • Step 2:Disconnect the power cable from the router and the power source.
  • Step 3:Also, remove the power cable that is connected to the modem.
  • Step 4:After a minute, connect the modem’s power cable as well as the router’s power cable to the power source.
  • Step 5:If the wireless router does not turn on automatically, turn it on.
  • Step 6:Power up the modem as well.
  • Step 7:Hold the Factory Restore button on the wireless router.
  • Step 8:After rebooting it, check if the wireless router works properly.
  • Step 9:If the wireless router not working after reset problem is persists, update the firmware of the router to the latest version by performing the easy steps mentioned below.

Updating the wireless router’s firmware

Step 1

  • Find the wireless router’s IP address. To do this, enter the ipconfig command in the Command Prompt window.
  • The IP address will be shown beside the Default Gateway field.

Step 2

  • Open the default web browser on your computer and enter the router’s IP address in the address bar.

Step 3

  • If prompted for authentication, type the login credentials in the Username and Password fields correctly.
  • Now, you could access the web interface page of the router.

Step 4

  • Navigate to the Firmware Update page, select the firmware file of the wireless router, and click the Update button.
  • Note: You can download the router’s firmware file from the manufacturer website.

Step 5

  • Once done with updating the firmware, reset the wireless router by pressing the Reset button.
  • You can also get technical assistance in resolving the issue wireless router not working after reset from our support members by clicking the Call button mentioned below.