Why My Wifi Extender Not Connecting To Internet?

If your WiFi extender not connecting to internet, consider the steps that are given below to fix the issue.

  • Step 1 :Make sure that there no Internet Service Provider issues.
  • Step 2 :Check whether the Wi-Fi extender is connected to a power source.
  • Step 3 :If the power outlet is not working, connect the power cable to another outlet.
  • Step 4 :Try connecting your device directly to your router or network and verify whether you are able to access the Internet. In this way, you can detect whether it is the Wi-Fi extender's issue or not.
  • Step 5 :If you have placed any wireless devices between the router and Wi-Fi extender, remove them. Devices like cordless phones, microwaves, glasses, and metal objects may also interrupt the connection.
  • Step 6 :Verify the LED lights on your extender and check your router.
  • Step 7 :If you see a red light on the extender, it is not connected to the router.
  • Step 8 :If the orange light blinks on the extender, there is no Internet connection.
  • Step 9 :Place the extender within the Wi-Fi range of your wireless router.
  • Step 10 :Verify whether you have connected your device to the extender's network.
  • Step 11 :Reboot your computer, router, extender, and connected modem.
  • Step 12 :If the issue persists, go to the official website of the extender.
  • Step 13 :When prompted to enter the login credentials, type it.
  • Step 14 :Go to the Maintenance section and select the Firmware update section.
  • Step 15 :Now, click on the Check button.
  • Step 16 :If an update is available, update the extender to the latest firmware.
  • Step 17 :If a new firmware version is available, you will be alerted to update the firmware.
  • Step 18 :Now, reboot your extender after the update is complete.
  • Step 19 :If the issue is not yet resolved, reset the extender.
  • Step 20 :Locate the Reset button on the extender by pressing it with a small pin or a paperclip. Hold it for about 30 seconds.
  • Step 21 :Once the resetting process is complete, wait for the extender to boot up.
  • Step 22 :You can now connect your device to the extender and access the Internet. Still, if your WiFi extender not connecting to internet, click the Call button to get assistance from our technical experts.