Tenda Fh330 Router Setup - Brief Steps

Tenda Fh330 Router Setup

The Tenda FH330 router setup is easy to perform and it has a powerful wall penetrating ability. Refer to the simple steps given on this page to set up your router for the first time.

Placement Of Your Router

  • Keep your router away from electrical devices (ceiling fans, home security systems, microwaves, or cordless phones) and large metal surfaces (a solid metal door or aluminum studs).
  • Place the router within line of your wireless devices.
  • Once you have placed the router, carry out the following steps to perform the Tenda FH330 router setup.

Hardware Setup Of Your Router

Proceed with one of these procedures depending on the WAN medium type your Internet Service provider (ISP) is delivering.

Procedure 1 - Telephone Line Access

Step 1

  • Disconnect your modem’s power cable from the power outlet.

Step 2

  • Establish a connection between the modem and your router’s WAN port using an Ethernet cable.
Connect Router To Modem

Step 3

  • Reconnect the modem’s power cable to the power outlet.
  • Plug the router’s power cable to an electrical socket.

Step 4

  • Use an Ethernet cable for establishing a connection between your computer’s Ethernet port and the router’s LAN port.

Procedure 2 - Ethernet Cable Access

Step 1

Connect the Ethernet cable from your ISP to the router’s WAN port.

WAN Ethernet Cable

Step 2

  • Insert the router’s power cable into a power outlet.
  • Turn on the router.
Router Specifications

Step 3

  • Connect the router’s LAN port to your computer’s Ethernet port using an Ethernet cable for Tenda FH330 router setup.
  • Now, you have finished the hardware setup of the Tenda FH330 router.
Router web based utility

On Windows 8:

  • Right-click the Network icon and choose the Open Network and Sharing Center option.
  • Click the Ethernet link followed by the Properties button.
Network And Sharing Center

Navigate to the This connection uses the following items section and double-click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).

Ethernet Status

Navigate to the General tab, select the Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically options, and click OK.

Router Ethernet Properties
  • Click OK in the Ethernet Properties window.
  • Access the Setup Wizard page by entering your router’s IP address in the address bar.
automatically assign IP address

Step 2

  • Once done, the Tenda router setup wizard begins to detect your Internet connection type automatically.

Step 3

  • To perform the Tenda FH330 router setup, carry out the following steps depending on the detected connection type.
Router PPPoE Username And Password


  • You have to enter the correct username and password provided by your ISP in the ISP Username and ISP Password fields, respectively.
  • Click the Next button.
DHCP Detected


When you see the DHCP as detected. Free to set Internet connection message, click the Next button.

Static IP Detect

Static IP:

Once the Static IP as detected. Set up a static IP in Internet page later message appears, click Next.

Enter Wifi Name

Step 4

  • Type a network name and password in the Wi-Fi Name and Wi-Fi Password fields, respectively for Tenda FH330 router setup.
  • Save the network information by clicking the Next button.
Save Router Wireless Setup

Step 5

  • Wait until you see the Saved Successfully message on the screen.
  • Note: If the detected connection type is Static IP, fill the IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, and Primary DNS fields and click OK when the next page appears.
Router Static IP

Check if the Internet Access message is displayed in the Connection Status field.

Router Connection Status

Now, you have finished the web-based utility setup of the Tenda FH330 router.

Select Tenda Router And Connect

Wi-Fi Connection

Step 1

Remove the Ethernet cable from the router and the computer.

Step 2

On Windows 8:

  • Click the Network icon, select your network name, and click the Connect button.
  • When prompted, enter a network password.
  • If you see the Connected message, it indicates that you have established a wireless connection between the router and the computer.

Step 3

After completing the Tenda FH330 router setup, you can access the Internet.