TeamViewer  is a remote assistance software that allows the user to access a device without having to be physically present. It is widely used in the modern working environment to share desktop and connect to multiple computers using the internet connection. If your TeamViewer application displays the Teamviewer Partner did not connect to router error message, it is due to the network connection error on both computers.

Carry out these steps to resolve the error on the TeamViewer application:

  • Step 1:The first and foremost step is to disconnect the network and restart the network router and the partner computer.
  • Step 2:Check whether the computers and the Teamviewer application are updated to the latest software version.
  • Step 3:Open the TeamViewer application and select Extras from the Menu bar.
  • Step 4:Select the Options tab followed by the Advanced option that is available on the left side panel.
  • Step 5:Access the Show advanced options button and navigate to the Advanced settings for connection to this computer section.
  • Step 6:Click on the Access Control pull-down menu and select Full Access.
  • Step 7:Click on the OK button and check whether the Teamviewer Partner did not connect to router problem persists.
  • Step 8:Open the Command Prompt on Windows by pressing the Windows + R shortcut keys simultaneously and typing cmd in the Run panel. 
  • Step 9:In the Command Prompt window, type the command “ipconfig/release” and press the Enter button.
  • Step 10:Type “ipconfig/renew” and hit the Enter key.
  • Step 11:Enter the “ipconfig/flushdns” command and press Enter.
  • Step 12:You have to reset Winsock as well as TCP/IP if needed if the Teamviewer Partner did not connect to router problem persists after flushing the DNS configuration using Command Prompt.