How To Solve Router’s Wan Port Is Not Working?

A router is connected to fix router’s WAN port is not working, and the Internet is shared with other devices via LAN port or wirelessly.

If your WAN port is not working, consider the ways that are given below to fix the issue.

  • Step 1:First, turn off the router and unplug the modem.
  • Step 2:Now, turn off the modem and the connected computers.
  • Step 3:Wait for at least 2 minutes and connect the router to the modem again.
  • Step 4:Check with the Internet Service Provider, if there is any issue from their side and resolve it.
  • Step 5:Try connecting the modem and router again.
  • Step 6:Check whether the Ethernet cables are defective. Replace the cables if they are damaged.
  • Step 7:Connect one end of the cable to the WAN port on the router and fix the other end to your modem.
  • Step 8:Connect another cable to the LAN port on the router and fix the other end to your computer.
  • Step 9:You can now turn on the computer. Check if you can access the Internet.
  • Step 10:If the issue persists, make sure that there are no issues with your Internet modem.
  • Step 11:If the LED is not blinking on the router, there may be any issues with your Internet Service Provider.
  • Step 12:Connect the power adapter to your router and connect the other end to the power outlet.
  • Step 13:Now, turn on the router and wait for the power LED on it to turn solid green or white. The color on the router may vary depending on the model.
  • Step 14:If you are using a firmware that is old, update the router’s firmware to the latest version and verify whether the issue is resolved.
  • Step 15:If it is a hardware issue, you have to contact your manufacturer. If the router is in the warranty period, you can replace it.

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