Issue: Router Wps Flashing Green

Each light on the router’s control panel indicates the current network connection status of your router. Usually, when your router tries to connect to a device, the WPS light flashes green. Once the connection is made successfully, the WPS light turns solid green. If the green light keeps flashing for more than 2 minutes, then it indicates an error on the router. To resolve this issue of router WPS flashing green, follow the quick and simple instructions given below.

  • Step 1 :First, check if you have placed your wireless device within the range of the router.
  • Step 2 :If not, relocate it to the correct position.
  • Step 3 :Check if the Wi-Fi option is enabled on your device. If not, enable it by clicking or tapping the Wi-Fi icon.
  • Step 4 :If the WPS light blinks and turns off after a while, then it means the WPS option is disabled on your router. Follow the instructions given below to enable it. And continue reading to fix the issue router WPS flashing green.
  • Go to your router’s web access page from your computer’s browser.
  • Click the Wireless Setup menu.
  • Select the WPS option and enable WPS.
  • Make sure to click the Apply button.
  • Now, try to connect to the device.
  • Step 5 :If the router WPS flashing green persists, then reboot your modem and the router. To do so, follow the below instructions.
  • Step 6 :First, turn off your router and the modem.
  • Step 7 :Disconnect the power cable and the network cable from your router & modem.
  • Step 8 :Make sure to remove the batteries from your router (if available).
  • Step 9 :Leave both the devices disconnected for a while.
  • Step 10 :After that, reconnect the power cable and the network cable to the router and the modem.
  • Step 11 :First, turn on the modem. Wait for the power and internet lights of the modem to turn green.
  • Step 12 :Once it is done, power on your router.
  • Step 13 :Wait for the router to become stable.
  • Step 14 :Once the router becomes stable, press the WPS button and try to connect your device to the Internet.
  • Step 15 :If the WPS light flashing green issue persists, then reset your router by pressing the Reset button.
  • Step 16 :After resetting your router, check if the WPS light flashing green issue is resolved.

If the router WPS flashing green light issue is not solved, immediately click the Call button and get assistance from our technical experts.