Router WPS Blinking Red - [SOLVED]

Is your router WPS blinking red, follow the instructions given here to solve it.

Summary About WPS

WPS, or Wi-Fi protected setup, is an easy wireless connection method that doesn’t require any network credentials to be entered.

What is its function in the router?

WPS works as a platform to connect the router and the wireless devices easier. It is used only for the wireless network, which is secured with a password. It will not work in the system where WEP is removed. If you don't know the network name, you can not connect the wireless device with your wireless network.

Where to find WPS on the router and How a WPS works?

All current routers have a WPS button by default, and you can find it either on the back or front side of the router. You can look at your manual guide. Router WPS sometimes makes the connection process easier and simple. Press the WPS button in the router to enable the WPS mode.

The red light keeps on blinking.

If your WPS light blinks in Red continuously for more than 30 secs, then your router has an issue with connecting to your device. In this case, try to reboot it.

Rebooting Manually

  • Step 1 :To start with, remove the power cord from the modem. Wait for a minute
  • Step 2 :Now, plug back the power cord
  • Step 3 :Check whether all lights are ON and the power light is glowing Green.
  • Step 4 :Now, try connecting your device to the router network. If the WPS LED stops blinking red, then the router WPS blinking red issue has been resolved.