Router Security Check Online

The router that you use is not completely safe and it could be exposed to several threats and virus attacks. If your router is insecure, then hackers could easily intrude into your network and access other devices connected to the network. So, you must make sure that your router is secure enough. There are software tools available to perform the router security check online. However, you can manually check if your router is secure by following the steps given below

  • Step 1 :Make sure you have a strong network password.
  • Step 2 :Do not use the public IP address to access the router’s web interface. Instead, use the LAN IP address.
  • Step 3 :Keep the remote management feature disabled.
  • Step 4 :Use the secure HTTPS>/ web access type.
  • Step 5 :Limit the number of connections to the router.
  • Step 6 :Use the encryption features in the router.

The encryption options available in routers are discussed below.

Wired Equivalent Policy (WEP):

The WEP encryption protocol transmits the data using the same encryption keys and it transmits as radio waves, which can be easily hacked. And it is the oldest encryption method.

Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA):

This one scrambles the encryption keys of the data that is transmitted as radio waves and makes it complicated for the hackers. Still, it is not a very secure encryption protocol.

Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2):

In recent years, WPA2 is the most commonly used encryption type, as it scrambles the encryption keys and does not use the Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP).

Advanced Encryption Standard (AES):

AES is the most secure encryption protocol. Also, the Federal government uses it for secure data transmission and many routers have included this encryption type.

There are different third-party software tools available to perform the router security check online. Use the below steps to check if your router is secure.

Step-1: Check the Firewall settings

A firewall is the primary security wall between threats and your router. It safeguards the ports of the router from unwanted traffic and unauthorized entry. There are different software like ShieldUp to scan the router ports and notify in case of any breach.

Step-2: Test the Antivirus

Verify if the antivirus software protecting your network device is working properly. For that, download the EICAR file to the system. EICAR file is not a malicious file; yet, the antivirus programs detect it as a virus. If your antivirus tool scans and detects it, then it is working properly. If not, you need to change the antivirus program.

Step-3: See the browsing protocol

While browsing or sending emails in your web browser, see the browsing protocol in the address bar. If it is ‘HTTP’ then, the browser is not secured. ‘HTTPS’ is the safest encryption protocol for browsing. So try using ‘HTTPS Everywhere’ add-on to access the webpages safely.

Step-4: Scan the VPN connection

VPN’s hide your IP address. But you have to check your VPN using the ‘IP Leak’ tool. In case the IP address is not leaked then, your VPN connection is good.

Now, We have seen How to perform Router Security Check Online