How To Solve Router Not Working After Unplugging?

When you unplug a router, you might encounter some issues. One of them is that your router will stop working and you will not have any Internet access. In such a situation, you first have to try restarting the router. Sometimes, a simple restart and a reboot will work wonders and fix most of the technical issues. However, if this method fails to solve the router not working after unplugging, then continue with the troubleshooting methods described here:

Method 1-Checking your connection circuit:

You need to verify the connection circuit and confirm that the path is complete. This task involves ensuring that all the connections are in the right places. Make use of the following steps to achieve this task:

  • Step 1 :The cable from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) should be inserted into your modem’s Ethernet port.
  • Step 2 :The Ethernet cable has to be connected to your router’s WAN port.
  • Step 3 :The second Ethernet cable must be connected between the LAN port of your router and your computer.

If you are sure that all the above conditions are met, and still your router refuses to work, try double-checking your connections. You might have accidentally disconnected any one of the connections. Or, you could have loosened up one of the cables. If the problem persists after double-checking all the connections, you can attempt to disconnect all the devices and then reconnect everything in a careful manner. In case the above workarounds fail, then move on to the next method.

Method 2-Search for a solution in your router’s manuals:

  • Step 1 :Get hold of your router’s user manual or guide that came along with the device at the time of purchase.
  • Step 2 :If you cannot find the user manual, you can easily obtain a digital copy of it online. To do this task, you just have to go to Google and type in your router’s model number. You will be taken to your router’s brand website.
  • Step 3 :Now that you have got hold of your router’s user guide/manual, you can search for a solution to your issue. These guides and manuals will throw some light on the possible issues associated with your router and some means to fix router not working after unplugging them.
  • Step 4 :If you find that the above instructions also fail to work, you have to contact your ISP. But bear in mind that getting help from your ISP is a time-consuming process. It is so because they might take a while to respond to your requests.
  • Step 5 :After you reach your ISP, the problem should, hopefully, be sorted out.