Router Not Working After Pressing WPS Button - [SOLVED]

WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) is a feature that allows you to connect a WPS-supported device to your router wirelessly. If your router is not working after pressing the WPS button, check if the time has been exceeded 2 minutes from the time you have enabled the WPS feature on your device. If this is the case, reconnect your device to your router using the WPS Push Button method. To do so, follow these steps to solve router not working after pressing WPS button issue.

  • Step 1 :First, ensure that you have placed your router and computer or other wireless devices within your Wi-Fi range.
  • Step 2 :Start WPS Push Button Connection on your device that you are going to connect wirelessly to your router.
  • Step 3 :On your router, press the WPS button and hold it for at least two seconds. This process should be done within 2 minutes.
  • Step 4 :Check if the WPS light on your router is blinking white.
  • Step 5 :Once the connection has been made, the light will turn white and then off.
  • Step 6 :If the connection is not established properly, the light on your router will turn solid amber. To fix this issue, repeat the process to reconnect with your router.
  • Step 7 :If the problem persists, reset your router to factory defaults. To do so, locate the Reset button first. It will be located at your router’s backside.
  • Step 8 :Ensure that your router is turned on.
  • Step 9 :Make use of a paper clip to press and hold down the Reset button until the lights are flashed.
  • Step 10 :Once your router has been reset, reconfigure your wireless settings on the router’s web-based interface.
  • Step 11 :Ensure that you have properly connected the router to your Internet modem.
  • Step 12 :Also, check the power adapter of your router.
  • Step 13 :Reconnect your device using the WPS Push Button method and check if the problem has been resolved.
  • Step 14 :If the router not working after pressing WPS button problem remains unsolved, you can contact our technical support team for remote assistance.