How To Troubleshoot Router Modem Not Connecting?

Usually, a router can be connected to the modem over a wireless or wired network connection. Once the connection is all set up correctly, you can connect your router to the other network devices and access the network. You can use any router type to connect to the modem. But, you have to use only the modem that is recommended by your ISP for connectivity. If your router modem not connecting, then perform the following instructions to resolve it.

  • Step 1 :First, ensure that your modem is working properly.
  • Step 2 :If any light on the modem’s control panel is blinking, try to identify the reason and perform the right steps to resolve it.
  • Step 3 :Check if the network cable is connected securely.
  • Step 4 :Now, turn off your router the modem if they are turned OFF.
  • Step 5 :Disconnect the Ethernet cable from both the devices.
  • Step 6 :After a while, reconnect the cable and turn on both the router and the modem.
  • Step 7 :Wait for the ONLINE light on your modem to light up.
  • Step 8 :Similarly, wait for your router to complete the power-up sequence.
  • Step 9 :Now, check if the router-modem connection issue has been resolved.
  • Step 10 :If not, reset your router.
  • Step 11 :Based on your router model, the reset process may vary.
  • Step 12 :But, in most routers, you need to hold down the Reset button for 5 or 7 or 9 seconds.
  • Step 13 :To know in detail, refer to your router’s user manual.
  • Step 14 :Once your router has been factory reset, reconnect it to the router modem not connecting and check whether the issue is fixed.