The term ‘DS’ means downstream, which is the receiving or downloading traffic of a router. Likewise, there is upstream (US), which is the traffic sent from a router. Many routers have LED indicators for the downstream and upstream traffic. In case these LED indicators are not glowing or flashing, it indicates that the router is facing trouble with the sending and receiving traffic. If the DS light on a router blinks orange, then it signifies that there are some issues with the receiving network traffic. Few solutions to fix the router DS light blinking orange issue are discussed below.

Solution-1: Check the splitter

  • Step 1: If you are using a splitter to separate the incoming traffic for the different devices connected to the router network, then disconnect it and try to connect the devices directly to the router.
  • Step 2: The damaged splitter prevents the router network connection and would cause these kinds oferrors on the router.

Solution-2: Network maintenance

  • Step 1:When the internet is down, the router does not receive any traffic. This could be due to the service maintenance of your Internet Service Provider.
  • Step 2:If your ISP has an official website, check the service status on the webpage.Otherwise, contact the service team and know the network status.

Solution-3: Repair the router

  • Step 1:If your router is damaged due to the fluctuation in the power supply or the LED does not work properly, then you need to replace the damaged LED with a new one.
  • Step 2:Itthe router is damaged, try to connect to some other power outlet and check whether the power supply level is suitable for the router. 
  • Step 3:Test the router in different conditionsto make sure it is defective and then call the service team to repair the router.
  • Step 4:See that the physical connections to the router are correct and there are no loose connections.

If you need a remote assistance to fix the router DS light blinking orange. Click the call button available on the screen.