Router Dropping Signal

Linksys router:

  • Step 1 :If your Linksys router is dropping signals frequently, proceed with the easy guidelines provided here to resolve this router dropping signal problem.

Low signal quality

  • Step 1 :The placement of the router is a major factor in getting a good signal strength.
  • Step 2 :You are strongly recommended to keep the router in the center of your house.
  • Step 3 :Make sure no obstacles are kept nearer to the router.

Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) size

  • Step 1 :To get high signal strength, you have to determine and set up the correct MTU size of your wireless network.
  • Step 2 :To set up the correct MTU size, access the web-based setup page of the Linksys router using its IP address, username, and password.
  • Step 3 :Click the Setup tab followed by the Basic Setup tab, choose the Manual option from the MTU drop-down menu, and type the correct MTU size in the Size field.
  • Step 1 :Finally, select the Save Settings option.
  • Power cycle

    • Step 1 :Turn off the router and remove the power adapter from it.
    • Step 2 :Leave it for 10 seconds.
    • Step 3 :Connect the power adapter again to the router.
    • Step 4 :Power up the router and check if the router dropping signal problem is resolved.
    • Step 5 :If not, proceed with the steps given below.

    Step 1 - Resetting The Linksys Router

    Manual reset

    • Step 1 :Locate the Reset button that is at the bottom of the router and then hold it for about 30 seconds.
    • Step 2 :Note: Use a pen, paper clip, or similar objects to press the Reset button.
    • Step 3 :Now, the Power LED starts to blink. This indicates that the router has been reset to factory defaults.

    Software reset

    • Step 1 :Access the Linksys router’s web-based management page, go to the Administration tab and then click the Factory Defaults tab.
    • Step 2 :Select the Restore Factory Defaults option to fix router dropping signal issue.

    Step 2 - Reconfigure The Wireless Settings

  • Step 1 :Once done with the resetting the router, customize the wireless settings of the router.
  • Step 3 - Updating The Router’s Firmware

    • Step 1 :Download the firmware of the router from the official Linksys website.
    • Step 2 :Mostly, the file extension of the firmware file will be .bin.
    • Step 3 :Some of the router firmware has the .img and .bix file extension to avoid router dropping signal problem.
    • Step 4 :Use the router’s IP address to access the login page.
    • Step 5 :Provide the correct username and password in the appropriate fields.
    • Step 6 :This will open the router’s web-based management page.
    • Step 7 :Click the Administration tab followed by the Firmware Upgrade tab.
    • Step 8 :Select the Browse or Choose File option and choose the downloaded firmware file.
    • Step 9 :Once you click the Start Upgrade option, the router’s firmware will be upgraded.
    • Step 10 :Do not turn off the router during the firmware upgrade process.

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