Restrict internet access through router

The Internet has become an integral part of our life, both at home and in office. However, there has to be a limit on usage of anything, and Internet must be limited. Several routers give you the choice of adding a network bandwidth, blocking unwanted websites, limiting internet access, and more. You can restrict your internet access in many ways. But, most people Restrict internet access through router. This option may vary for different router brands.

  • STEP : 1 You can access the administrative panel of your router through a web browser or a mobile app. Some specific models of the Netgear router can be accessed only using its mobile application. Other router models,such as Linksys can be accessed using its web address or IP address.
  • STEP : 2 If you ask, can I restrict or block internet access from the beginning for others? The answer is All that you need to do is, create a strong password for your Wi-Fi network and enable the WPA2 encryption for it.
  • STEP : 3 But, at the same time, make sure to disable the SSID broadcast option.The SSID Broadcast option will hide your wireless network from anyone searching for a signal.
  • STEP : 4 Some other ways to restrict internet access are as follows:

Enabling Guest access

  • STEP : 1 This is a simple and easy way to restrict your internet access from others. 
  • STEP : 2 First, enable the Guest access option on your router.
  • STEP : 3 After that, set up the bandwidth type, such as throttling on your router.This option is suitable for workplaces.
  • STEP : 4 The Guest access option controls too much access to your network by others, and at the same time, you or your employees would be unaffected.

Enabling Internet Filters

  • STEP : 1 Internet filter is nothing but blocking a user from using a specific website for a long period of time. For example, if the user keeps accessing Facebook, you can block that website from your router’s access control wizard.

Restricting hours of usage

  • STEP : 1 Allocating a time period to access the internet is known as restricting hours of usage. This option is available in most of the router’s access control wizard.

Throttling Bandwidth usage

  • STEP : 1 This is a different way to control your internet access. This feature allows users to access any website. But, at the same time, it will slow them down. For example, the web page you are accessing will load quickly. But, the download process will be much slower and take more time to complete.

The section below will cover how to use the access control option on a Netgear router.

  • STEP : 1 First of all, launch a web browser on your computer.
  • STEP : 2 Enter your Netgear router’s web address or IP address in the search field of the browser.
  • STEP : 3 Now,you will be prompted to enter your Netgear router credentials for signing in.
  • STEP : 4 Click Sign in after entering the credentials in the given fields.
  • STEP : 5 On your Netgear router’s web access page, click the Advanced 
  • STEP : 6 Select Security > Access Control > Turn on Access Control.
  • STEP : 7 Now, a list of rules will appear on the screen.
  • STEP : 8 Enable the rules as per you require.
  • STEP : 9 Finally, click the Apply 

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