The Virtual Private Network service on the router helps the user to create a private network from the global internet connection, by which it shields the IP address of the user’s device, making it virtually unavailable on the internet. This way, the user information like the device location and browsing history are maintained privately from the outsiders. To Configure Private Internet Access On Router, follow the given steps below.

VPN settings of Netgear router:

  • Step 1:Open the web browser on the computer, enter the IP address of the Netgear router, and go to the login page of the router.
  • Step 2:Type the router login username and password on the login page to access the router setup page.
  • Step 3:After the Netgear setup page opens up, go to the Advanced tab.
  • Step 4:Next, click the Advanced Setup option. Following that, choose VPN Service.
  • Step 5:The VPN Service page appears on the screen. Click the Enable VPN Service option and save the settings by clicking Apply.
  • Step 6:Enter the VPN Service settings on the router page and choose the Windows OS to download the VPN setup files for Windows device.
  • Step 7:In the Windows section, open the installer file of the VPN configuration page to download and install it on the computer.
  • Step 8:When the installer window opens, click the Next button to proceed with the download.
  • Step 9:Read the License Agreement of the VPN service carefully and accept it by clicking the I Agree menu.
  • Step 10:Tick the checkbox of all the options and select Next.
  • Step 11:Click Browse and select a destination folder to store the VPN configuration files.
  • Step 12:Click Install to begin the installation. The installation activity appears on the page.
  • Step 13:After installing, click Finish to close the installation page.
  • Step 14:On your computer, navigate to the destination folder and copy the configuration files to the location where the VPN client is stored.
  • Step 15:Check if the VPN Client is installed on the computer. If it is unavailable, then the first download. After that, continue with the router settings.
  • Step 16:On the computer, open the client devices and change the client interface name to “NetGear-VPN.”
  • Step 17:Then, open the control panel or settings app and go to the Network Settings option on the system. Modify the local area connection name to “NetGear-VPN.”
  • You can contact our technical experts if you have no idea about how to Configure Private Internet Access On Router.