How To Resolve Pon Light Blinking Issue

The Optical Network Terminator (ONT) has several status lights. The PON (Passive Optical Network) and LOS (Loss of Service) lights are the left-hand status lights of an ONT. If the Pon light blinking green, the port is working (data transferring). If it turns solid green, it means the port is enabled and SFP is plugged in.

If PON light Continuously blinking, Follow The Steps Below

  • Step 1:First, check if any network maintenance is affecting internet performance by looking at the BT Service Status.
  • Step 2:If your BT broadband problem is still under maintenance, wait until the problem is resolved and check if the PON light stops flashing after restarting your modem or router.
  • Step 3:Make sure that the thin fiber optic cable is firmly inserted into the correct port. If it is not inserted properly, then you may not get the Internet connection.
  • Step 4:There are chances of dust in the fiber joint. This may also cause a delay in data transferring and makes the PON light to flash continuously.
  • Step 5:If you find any dust in the fiber joint, clean it with alcohol.
  • Step 6:You can also contact the operator for servicing your ONT.
  • Step 7:After verifying and ensuring that the fiber optic cable is plugged in correctly, navigate to the left-hand side of your ONT to check the PON light status.
  • Step 8:If the PON light is still blinking, disconnect the power cable and wait for a few minutes.
  • Step 9:After some time, reconnect the power cable to your ONT and power it on.
  • Step 10:Wait for a few more minutes for the Power light to turn on.
  • Step 11:Check if the problem has been resolved. If the problem remains unresolved, then there might be an error with the OLT Line card. Perform the right troubleshooting steps to fix the OLT Line card error.
  • Step 12:If you need remote assistance to resolve Pon light blinking issue, contact our technical support team by clicking the Call button available on this page.