Connecting a Canon printer to Wi-Fi using the WPS push button method is the easiest and quickest setup method. But in case there is no WPS button on router to connect Canon printer, then how do you connect your printer to Wi-Fi using WPS?

If your wireless router supports WPS connection and if there is no WPS button, then you can make use of the virtual WPS option to establish the connection between the router and the printer. The instructions for this connection method are given below.

  • STEP : 1 First, check and make sure whether your wireless router supports WPS.
  • STEP : 2 Keep your Canon printer turned on.
  • STEP : 3 Connect your wireless router to a computer wither using an Ethernet cable or using Wi-
  • STEP : 4 On the computer connected to the router, open a web browser and log in to the router’s web interface using its IP address.
  • STEP : 5 Now, enter the default admin username and password of your router. If you have changed it, then enter the correct password and click Login.
  • STEP : 6 Note: The steps to enter the WPS menu might vary on different router models. So refer to your router’s user manual for the exact steps.
  • STEP : 7 When the home page of the router’s web interface is displayed on the web browser, navigate to the Wireless menu. Some routers may contain the Wireless menu, and in some other routers, it might be present under the Advances settings menu. Select your options accordingly.
  • STEP : 8 Then on using no WPS button on router to connect Canon printer steps, go to the Wi-Fi Protected Setup or WPS Wizard option of the router.
  • STEP : 9 Check whether there is a WPS button option on this page. It might be an icon or a radio button.
  • STEP : 10 Now, go to your Canon printer, press the Home button on the printers control panel, and navigate to the Wireless LAN Setup menu.
  • STEP : 11 Select the WPS Push button option using the up or down arrow buttons on the control panel.
  • STEP : 12 If the printer prompts for confirmation, select OK.
  • STEP : 13 Now, go to the router’s web interface on your computer and click the WPS button on it.
  • STEP : 14 Within 2 minutes, select the OK option on the printer’s control panel.
  • STEP : 15 When the printer connects to the router using WPS, it will display the Connected message on its control panel display.
  • STEP : 16 Press the Home button on the control panel; you can notice the Wireless icon on it.

If there is no WPS button on router to connect Canon printer, then it means that the router doesn’t support WPS, and you cannot connect your printer to it using WPS. So, the only possible option to connect your printer over a network is the Standard Wireless setup using the printer software on your computer.