No Wan Light On Router

The WAN LED not flashing denotes that you cannot access the Internet from your wireless router. If the WAN light is not illuminating on the wireless router, proceed with the solutions provided below.

  • Step 1:Ensure that the Ethernet cable is properly plugged into the WAN port of the wireless router.
  • Step 2:The wireless router’s power cable should be properly connected to the electrical wall outlet.
  • Step 3:If the network connection is not secure, turn off the wireless router and remove the Ethernet cable from it.
  • Step 4:Unplug the power cable between the electrical wall outlet and the wireless router.
  • Step 5:After 2 minutes, connect the wireless router to the power source.
  • Step 6:The Ethernet cable should be reconnected between the wireless router and your computer.
  • Step 7:Power up the wireless router and check if the issue has been resolved.