You can conveniently use your laptop as a router when you are stuck in the following situation:

In case you are having many computers, a single laptop, but only one modem, you can convert the single laptop into a wireless router for the other devices. On your Windows computer, you can keep adding more wireless networks. Using the laptop, you will be able to create another wireless network. All the other computers can be linked to this network. You just have to know your Network Name and  Key.


  • STEP : 1 On your laptop, navigate to the Control Panel.
  • STEP : 2 In the Network/Internet Connections section, select the Network Connections
  • STEP : 3 Now, right-click the Wireless Network Connection icon and choose the  Properties
  • STEP : 4 Select the Wireless Networks
  • STEP : 5 Click the Add  


  • STEP : 1 Select your own Network Name or
  • STEP : 2 Choose the option that allows you to assign a Network Key
  • STEP : 3 Now, maintain the Data Encryption as
  • STEP : 4 Select the Open option for the Network Authentication
  • STEP : 5 Now, create your Network Key.
  • STEP : 6 Confirm the Network Key.


  • STEP : 1 Since you will not be using any wireless access points, you can identify your network as an ad hoc An ad hoc network is nothing but a computer-to-computer  network.
  • STEP : 2 Next, click the Connection
  • STEP : 3 You might see a checkbox with the following message: " Connect when this network is in range.”
  • STEP : 4 If you see a checkbox with the above message next to it, select it.


  • STEP : 1 Ensure that the Ethernet connection between your laptop and the modem is functioning properly.
  • STEP : 2 Get back to the Network/Internet Connections
  • STEP : 3 Select the Wireless Network Setup


  • STEP : 1 Continue with the on-screen instructions until you come across the Select a connection method
  • STEP : 2 In this window, choose the option given below:

This computer connects directly to the Internet. The other computers on my network connect to the Internet through this computer.

  • STEP : 1 After choosing the above option, another window will display. In this window, select the Local Area Connection


  • STEP : 1 Now, check whether you have to choose your private connection on the screen that displays.
  • STEP :2 Select the wireless network selection option.
  • STEP : 3 Follow the on-screen instructions until you come across the section where you choose not to design a network setup disk.


  • STEP : 1 Switch to a computer from which you want to obtain wireless Internet.
  • STEP : 2 Navigate to that computer’s Control Panel.
  • STEP : 3 In the Network/Internet Connections section, select the Network Connections
  • STEP : 4 Now, right-click the Wireless Network Connection
  • STEP : 5 Select the View Available Wireless Networks


  • STEP : 1 Now, use the Network Key that you created and connect to the wireless network that you have set up on your laptop.
  • STEP : 2 The current computer will now obtain the IP address from the laptop, which you have now converted into a router.
  • STEP : 3 The current computer should now be able to access the Internet.
    To use your laptop as a router, contact our technical team by clicking the call button displayed on this screen.