• Step 1:WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) is a network standard that is used to connect the router and your device wirelessly. follow the instructions below to know how to use WPS button on router.
  • Step 2:WPS can function only if you have set up an authentication or encryption mode for your wireless network. Make sure you do not enable WEP security mode, as WPS will not work when it is enabled.
  • Step 3:In most of the router models, a WPS button is provided next to the Ethernet port. In a few models, the WPS button has two functionalities, such as: WPS and Wi-Fi On/Off. A few other routers have the WPS button at the backside, which is represented by the WPS symbol.
  • Step 4:There are four how to use WPS button on router setup approaches using which you can use the WPS button to connect the router to other devices.
  • Step 5:At the rear of the router, press the WPS button and then go to the device that you wish to connect. Just turn on the Wireless feature on the device, and it will connect to the router automatically.
  • Step 6:If you want to connect any extenders, printers, or other devices to the router, then press the WPS button available on those devices after you press the WPS button on your router setup.
  • Step 7:In case your device does not have a WPS button, then you can make use of the PIN method to connect to the devices. You can find the PIN on the web utility page of the router. 
  • Step 8:The final method of how to use WPS button on router, is when you use an eight-digit client-generated PIN to connect your device successfully to the router. The PIN will be displayed in the configuration panel of your router using which you can add your device.

Connect your device to the router using any one of the WPS methods