How To Use Ethernet Without A Router?

If you have two computers (Windows) and you wish to connect them, you can do it easily. There might be various reasons for you to connect both your computers. One of the reasons might be that you want to share the internet connection between both. You might also want to connect them for sharing your files and printers. You have two options to connect your computers. One is buying a router and the other is using an Ethernet crossover cable. You might not want to go with the first choice because it needs some money. The second choice is a better one since you can use an inexpensive Ethernet crossover cable. So, let us start with the second choice. In addition to the Ethernet crossover cable, you will need network cards to be installed on both your computers. These network cards are also known as Ethernet or LAN cards. An Ethernet crossover cable resembles a standard Ethernet cable, but the internal wiring will be different. In case you find any difficulty in purchasing an Ethernet crossover cable, you have the choice of using an inexpensive crossover adapter. This adapter will allow you to use a standard Ethernet cable as a crossover cable. Carry out the below steps to know how to use ethernet without a router.

Let us now look into the steps using which you can connect both your computers using an Ethernet crossover cable without a router.

  • Step 1:First, take hold of the Ethernet crossover cable and connect it to the Ethernet ports located on the back of both your computers. If you are using laptops, you can find the Ethernet ports on their left or right sides.
  • Step 2:Next, go to one of your computers and click the Start icon. From the displayed options, choose Control Panel.
  • Step 3:Now, go to the Network and Internet section and click the View Network Status and Tasks option.
  • Step 4:Under Unidentified Network, select the Public Network option and then choose the Home or Work option.
  • Step 5:From the sidebar, click on the Change Advanced Sharing Settings link. Then, click on the Home or Work section so that it expands.
  • Step 6:Now, confirm that the Turn On Network Discovery option is enabled. If required, you can also enable the Turn On File and Printer Sharing option. As the name indicates, this option permits you to share files and printers between both your computers.
  • Step 7:Click on the Save Changes button.
  • Step 8:You can now repeat the above procedure for the other computer. At the end of the procedure, you would have enabled the Turn On Network Discovery option and the Turn On File and Printer Sharing option on your second computer as well.
  • Step 9:You have now successfully connected both your computers without using a router and using only the Ethernet crossover cable. You can now easily transfer files, music, or any other files from one computer to another.

We have now discussed the procedure involved to setup and to know how to use ethernet without a router. Using this method, you have avoided the usage of a router.