How To Setup Router As Wifi Receiver

You can set up the Wi-Fi router as a Wi-Fi extender or repeater, which can receive the wireless signal and broadcast it as a repeater or extender would do. Use the following how to setup router as wifi receiver procedure to use the router as a Wi-Fi receiver;

For DD-WRT router model:

  • Step 1:Keep the transmitting router network-enabled and write down its network settings.
  • Step 2:If you did not upgrade the router firmware for a long time, then connect the router and your computer and update the router firmware version.
  • Step 3:Following that, disconnect the network cable connection.
  • Step 4:After that, connect the computer and the router using the wireless network.
  • Step 5:Now, open the browser window on the computer and enter the router’s IP address to open the router’s login page.
  • Step 6:On the login page, enter the Username and password to access the router’s configuration page.
  • Step 7:On the router’s setup page, click the Wireless tab and then select the Basic Settings menu.
  • Step 8:Choose Repeater from the drop-down menu in the Wireless Mode field.
  • Step 9:Following that how to setup router as wifi receiver steps, select the suitable Wireless Network mode option based on the transmitting Wi-Fi router network.
  • Step 10:Change the Wireless Network Name (SSID) to the network name of the transmitting (main) router.
  • Step 11:Then, choose the Bridged option for the Network Configuration menu.
  • Step 12:In the Virtual Interfaces section, enable the Wireless SSID Broadcast, disable the AP isolation, and select Bridged network configuration and click the Add button.
  • Step 13:Save the router settings and then go to the Wireless Security menu.
  • Step 14:Next, change the router settings, namely, Security Mode, Algorithm type, and Network Key, under Physical Interface, same as the main router, and do not forget to save the settings.
  • Step 15:Now, navigate to the Security panel and turn off the firewall settings & save.
  • Step 16:Return to the Basic setup panel and edit the Local IP address by changing the last two digits of the address; Besides that, the main router should now have the same IP address.
  • Step 17:Get back to each settings page you made the change and click the Apply Settings button.
  • Step 18:On completion of how to setup router as wifi receiver procedure, You can now use the router as a Wi-Fi repeater.