How To Setup An Access Point With A Wireless Router

Have you ever known the use of an access point? They have similar functions to that of a wireless or a wired router. The only difference between a router and an access point is, the later acts as a port to get connected to the devices that are outside the wireless coverage and to connect to more number of users over a local area network.You might think that routers are considered optimum for home and office use, but let me correct you. Routers may be the optimum device for home devices, whereas in an office environment, where work relies on the internet, access points can be put to good use. Go through the how to setup an access point with a wireless router steps described below to set up an access point with a wireless router.

  • Step 1 :So, now that you will have two routers- one is the primary main router, and the other one will be turned into an access point. (Here, Tp-Link router is converted to an access point)
  • Step 2 :Connect the computer to the secondary router. Take out an Ethernet cable, and connect the cable between the LAN port of the router and the computer.
  • Step 3 :Once the connection is secure, you will now have to log in to the TP-Link router interface.
  • Step 4 :Open the default browser on your computer and enter the following URL and press the Enter button.

You will now see the login page, set up a new username and password. The default credentials are:

  • Step 1 :Username- admin
  • Step 2 :Password- password
  • Step 3 :Once done, you will now be open to the TP-Link router interface and proceed with how to setup an access point with a wireless router guide.
  • Step 4 :On the left side of the router interface, click the Network tab.
  • Step 5 :Click LAN and change the LAN IP address for the TP-link router.
  • Step 6 :Once you change the LAN IP address, you will have to reboot and again to log in to the TP-Link interface using the new login credentials.
  • Step 7 :Click the Wireless tab, select Wireless settings, and change the SSID name. Click SAVE.
  • Step 8 :Click the Wireless Settings, select the radio button WPA/WPA2- Personal (Recommended), and click SAVE.
  • Step 9 :Select DHCP > DHCP settings, click the Disable radio button, and click Save.
  • Step 10 :Select System Tools tab and click Reboot.
  • Step 11 :Use the Ethernet cable to connect the main router to the configured TP-Link router.

On completing how to setup an access point with a wireless router procedure, You will now be able to connect any wireless device to the configured TP-Link router.