How To Prevent Ddos Attacks On Router Network?

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. It is a non-intrusive internet attack used to target a website and slowing down the server with fake traffic. The DDoS attack is a burden for the site owners because even small traffic could make a server or application vulnerable to threats. To know how to prevent DDOS attacks on router network, keep reading the instructions given below.

Symptoms of a DDoS attack:

  • Step 1 : Slow website response
  • Step 2 : Problems accessing the website
  • Step 3 : Problems with the Internet connection         
  • Step 4 : Unresponsive website

Steps to prevent DDoS attacks on your router network:

  • Step 1 : First, install a firewall on your computer. Doing so will prevent attackers from detecting your router’s IP address.
  • Step 2 : If necessary, install any trusted antivirus software to prevent your computer from larger DDoS attacks.
  • Step 3 : Installing antivirus software on your computer adds an additional layer of security and makes your system software more secure, although it cannot prevent DDoS attacks.
  • Step 4 : Connect to a Virtual Private Network (VPN)to secure your IP address by routing all your Internet traffic. If an attacker detects your IP address, he can only detect the VPN’s address.
  • Step 5 : Check for any updates on your computer and install the available updates to prevent exploits.
  • Step 6 : Update the apps that access the Internet with the latest patches and security updates.
  • Step 7 : Reset your router’s IP address using the router’s admin console. To do so, enter your router’s IP address in the URLfield of your browser.
  • Step 8 : When prompted, enter the login credentials in the required fields.
  • Step 9 : Go to theNetwork Settings section and change the IP address of your
  • Step 10 : Alternatively, you can change the router IP address using the Command Promptapp on a Windows computer or System Preferences on a Mac

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