How To Increase Range Of Wifi Router At Home?

Usually, the range of a home wireless router will be around 100 feet. But there are many factors that tend to lower this range. One of those factors is the obstacles between your wireless router and your wireless device. However, there are some techniques available that help to know how to increase range of wifi router at home. Let us now dive into these factors one by one and see how they play a role in increasing your router’s range.

1. The position of your wireless router:

Generally, the maximum range of any wireless router will be limited. Since the antennas of your wireless router are omnidirectional, you need to place your router at a central location, in comparison with your access points. Therefore, when you place your router at a higher level, the interferences will be minimized. And, there will be a clear path for the signals to reach all the devices on your network.

2. Changing the antenna:

Because your default router antennas transmit signals equally in all the directions, you can remove them and then use high-gain antennas instead. A high-gain antenna transmits the signals in a particular direction. So, you will have improved signal strength and range in the same direction. By positioning the access points in the direction of the high-gain antenna, the range can be increased from about 25% to 40%. If you are unable to get a high-gain antenna that is suitable for your router model, you can go for a booster antenna.

3. Increasing your router power:

On some of the routers, you can increase the transmit power. In case your wireless router permits you to increase its transmit power, you can set it to the max. This will get you the highest range. You can also go to your wireless router’s web dashboard and then disable its frame burst and afterburner.

4. Obstacles near the router:

Ensure that you remove all the obstacles that are in the immediate vicinity of your wireless router. You have to make sure that there is no clutter around your router, such as metal objects, books, and other similar junk stuff. When the interferences are more, your router’s range will become lesser. Also, ensure that you do not place the router on metal shelves or filing cabinets. Placing the router in these places or close to window grills will also result in the reduction of your wireless range.

5. Making use of repeaters:

A repeater is a network device that performs the following tasks to enhance your router range:

  • Step 1:Taking the signal from your wireless router.
  • Step 2:Boosting the strength of that signal.
  • Step 3:Re-transmitting that signal.

The wireless repeaters available for home users are less expensive. Therefore, making use of a repeater is an excellent idea. The simple techniques described above that help you to know how to increase range of wifi router at home.