How To Hook 2 Wireless Routers Together

You can conveniently hook two wireless routers together using the below given how to hook 2 wireless routers together instructions. The second router can be used as a range extender to the available network. You can create a single network name between those two routers. Therefore, the other devices in the network will get connected to the router having the stronger signal. Nowadays, most of the routers are designed to support WDS (Wireless Distributed Services). Using WDS, you can form many access points on a network with a single name.

In case your routers are not supporting WDS, you need not worry. You can always design a WDS environment manually. To do the same, follow the steps given here:

For Wireless Router 1:

  • Step 1:You can begin by setting up router 1. Set it up the usual way.
  • Step 2:In router 1’s wireless security settings, disable the Automatic Channel selection option.
  • Step 3:Now, set your channel as channel 3 manually.

For Wireless Router 2:

  • Step 1:You can make use of a Wireless Media Bridge between the two routers. Otherwise, you can use a network cable for the same purpose.
  • Step 2:On router 2, disable the DHCP server. This action will allow only router 1 to manage your network. You can also avoid IP conflict issues when you disable the DHCP server on router 2 and proceed with how to hook 2 wireless routers together guide.
  • Step 3:Now, you have to set router 2’s IP address manually. Set it to a value higher than the main router. For instance, if the IP address of the router 2 is, change it to
  • Step 4:You need to ensure that is not included in router the 1’s list of addresses for DHCP distribution. Otherwise, you should be making a DHCP reservation for router 2’s IP address in the DHCP table of router 1.
  • Step 5:Now, change router 2’s Internet Gateway to the IP address of router 1.
  • Step 6:You can now use a wired connection to hook routers 1 and 2. The connection has to be done between any of the ports (of ports 1-4) in router 1 and any of the ports (of ports 1-4) in router 2. As mentioned before, you can utilize a Wireless Media Bridge or a Powerline Ethernet Kit for a wired connection between the routers.
  • Step 7:Please do not use the WAN port of router 2.
  • Step 8:In router 2’s wireless security settings, disable Automatic Channel selection.
  • Step 9:Now, set your channel as channel 8 manually. Else, choose a channel that is not currently used by the main router.
  • Step 10:In router 2, set up the wireless security such that it is the same as in router 1.

You have now completed hooking two wireless routers together using how to hook 2 wireless routers together guidance.