How To Fix Router Dns Issues?

You can examine the router DNS issues and fix them by checking the connectivity. DNS server translates the website addresses and makes your browser connect to them. If you are facing issues with the DNS server, you won’t be able to surf the Internet properly. Consider the steps that are given below to know how to fix router DNS issues.

  • Step 1 :If you have connected your computer to the network, try connecting your mobile device to the Wi-Fi network, and check whether you are able to access the Internet.
  • Step 2 :Open the webpage that you had trouble accessing and if you can access the site now on your mobile, the issue is on your computer and not the router.
  • Step 3 :Try to fix the issues on the computer.
  • Step 4 :Try connecting your device to mobile data or hotspot and check whether you are able to access the site.
  • Step 5 :If the website is not loading, download another browser on your computer.
  • Step 6 :Now, if you are able to access the specific website, uninstall the old browser and reinstall it to fix the issue.
  • Step 7 :Power cycle your router and modem. This process will clear the cache stored on the router and help in resolving DNS server errors.
  • Step 8 :Disconnect the power cable of the modem and router. Wait for a few minutes before you reconnect them.
  • Step 9 :Connect the router and modem using an Ethernet cable. Make sure that the cable is not defective.
  • Step 10 :Try connecting your wireless router directly to your computer using another Ethernet cable. Connect the cable to the LAN port on the router and fix the other end to the computer.
  • Step 11 :Now, you completely know how to fix router DNS issues and your issue is reolved. and you will be able to access the specific website.