How To Find Wireless Router Range?

Prior to performing a permanent installation, you need to check the effective range of your wireless router. The following parameters play a significant role in impacting the wireless coverage area of your router. Follow the steps below to know how to find wireless router range.

Find Out The Range Of Your Wireless Router:

  • Step 1:The first step is to set up your wireless router and then connect it to your network.
  • Step 2:Next, turn on your portable Windows computer. Connect the computer to the wireless router.
  • Step 3:On your computer, navigate to the Windows Control Panel.
  • Step 4:Now, open the Network and Sharing Center. In the currently active network connection window, the signal strength for your wireless connection will be shown. You can find this somewhere in the middle part of the same window.
  • Step 5:Keep your computer switched on and also keep the signal strength display open.
  • Step 6:Now, walk slowly away from your router. Stop walking when you find the signal strength reaches the Poor condition. Or else, you will see that your signal strength is in the last bar of the display.
  • Step 7:Turn your attention to the computer and open the Command Prompt window on it.
  • Step 8:In the Command Prompt window, type in ping router_ip_address –t
  • Step 9:The above action will help in pinging your wireless router continuously. Look for any incomplete messages or dropped packets.
  • Step 10:Now, type in Ctrl-C to stop the ping command after a period of 10 minutes.
  • Step 11:Start moving your computer about 15 to 20 feet nearer to your router. Do this until the ping command does not report any transmission errors for 10 minutes. Now, mark this specific location as your edge of coverage on your site map or your floor plan.
  • Step 12:Now, you have to repeat the previous steps (starting with walking away from your router up to marking the specific location) for the circumference of the coverage area. If you have further queries regarding how to find wireless router range, click the call button.