How To Enter Printer Pin In Router Configuration?

The Wi-Fi Protected Setup PIN is a 4 or 8 digit number that helps you to connect your printer or device over a wireless network. The guidelines below explain how to enter printer pin in router configuration and get the WPS PIN and where to insert it.

For an HP printer:

  • Step 1:Make sure that you have completed the initial printer setup by referring to the instructions provided in your printer’s user guide.
  • Step 2:Now, switch on your HP printer, the router, and the system.
  • Step 3:On your HP printer’s control panel, locate and tap the Wi-Fi icon.
  • Step 4:Select the Settings option followed by Wi-Fi Protected Setup.
  • Step 5:Go through the prompted instructions displayed on your HP printer’s screen.
  • Step 6:Tap the PIN option when prompted,
  • Step 7:Now an 8-digit PIN will be displayed on your HP printer.
  • Step 8:Note down the PIN displayed on your HP printer screen.
  • Step 9:Now, navigate to your wireless router’s web access page.
  • Step 10:Reach the WPS PIN section on your wireless router’s web access screen.
  • Step 11:Enter the 8-digit PIN that was displayed on your HP printer screen.
  • Step 12:Finally, click the Save button.
  • Step 13:Now, install your HP printer driver on your system using the installation CD or the downloaded driver file.
  • Step 14:Once the printer and your computer are connected over the network, you can start printing.
  • Step 15:Finally, try a test print or scan operation to check the printer functions.

For a Brother printer:

  • Step 1:Switch on your Brother printer.
  • Step 2:Now, locate and press the Wireless Setup button located at the back or front of your Brother printer.
  • Step 3:Make sure to press the wireless setup button for at least 3 seconds.
  • Step 4:If your Brother printer has an LCD screen, then an 8-digit PIN will be displayed.
  • Step 5:If not, your Brother printer will print a configuration page.
  • Step 6:On the configuration page, you can find the 8 digit PIN.
  • Step 7:Open a web browser on your system.
  • Step 8:Navigate to your router’s web access page.
  • Step 9:Locate and click the WPS tab.
  • Step 10:Enter the 8- digit pin printed in the given field.
  • Step 11:After that, click the Save button.
  • Step 12:Complete the entire printer setup by installing your Brother printer driver in the system.
  • Step 13:You can click the Call button available on this screen to get remote assistance from our experts for how to enter printer pin in router configuration.