How To Enable LAN Port On Router PLDT Home Fibr

LAN port or LAN connector is a network port on a router that lets you connect your printer, computer, server, or any other device to the Internet. The guidelines given below will help you to know how to enable LAN port on router PLDT home fibr router.

First, check if you’re able to access your router’s web access page. To check it, follow the instructions given below.

  • Step 1:Open a web browser. Type your router’s URL code. Tap the Enter key. 
  • Step 2:Provide your router credentials on the router login page that opens and click Login.
  • Step 3:Go to the Device Information page.
  • Step 4:Press the Ctrl, Shift, and I buttons simultaneously. Select the Inspect option.
  • Step 5:Go to the Sources tab.
  • Step 6:Now, you can see a list of directories and files on the screen. Locate and click on the menu_pldt.asp file.
  • Step 7:Note down the source code of menu_pldt.asp.
  • Step 8:To check if you have opened the right page, search and open the curUserType variable. 
  • Step 9:Now, press the F5 button to refresh the page.
  • Step 10: If you see a message saying, Paused in debugger, go to the Console tab and enter the curUserType=2 in the given field. Tap Enter
  • Step 11: Press the F8 or play button.

Enabling LAN port on PLDT HOME FIBR router

  • Step 1:Open a web browser. 
  • Step 2:Navigate to your router’s web access page. 
  • Step 3:Once you have reached your router’s web access page, go to the Network tab.
  • Step 4:Select the Broadband Settings option.
  • Step 5:Go to the line titled LAN Binding.
  • Step 6:Click the checkboxes beside the ports that you wish to enable.
  • Step 7:Click the Apply button.
  • Step 8:Now, the LAN port on your PLDT Fibr router is enabled and finally you know how to enable LAN port on router PLDT home fibr.