How To Disable LAN Port On A Router?

A LAN port or a network port allows you to connect your devices such as a computer, server, video game console, or any other network device to your network over a wired connection. Nowadays, most people prefer a wireless connection instead of a wired connection. But, when a device is connected to a network over a wireless connection, there is a chance for an issue to occur. To avoid it, some prefer disabling the LAN port of the router. The instruction given below explains how to disable LAN port on a router.

Verizon Routers

Some router models like Verizon allow you to disable the LAN port. But, some don’t. If you’re using a Verizon router, then carry out the following instructions to disable the Ethernet option on it.

  • Step 1:Sign in to your Verizon router’s web access page.
  • Step 2:Go to the My Network section.
  • Step 3:Click the Network Connections menu.
  • Step 4:Navigate to the Network section.
  • Step 5:Select the Ethernet option and click the Disable button beside it.

Netgear Routers

  • Step 1:Run the following command in the Telnet window to disable the LAN port of your router:ifconfig $(config get dgc_netif_lan_phyif) down

TP-Link Routers

  • Step 1:Almost all the models of TP-Link don’t allow you to disable the LAN port. So, if you’re using the TP-Link router model, then refer to its user manual or contact us to know more.
  • Step 2:Alternatively, you can disable the LAN port of your router using duct tapes like a MichaelBay, or transport tape. Otherwise, close the LAN port by inserting plugging an RJ-45 connector. This RJ-45 connector makes the router believe that the LAN port is stuck.

To know more about how to disable LAN port on a router, contact us.