DMZ, often referred to as DMZ Host, allows your device in a network to bypass any external firewall. Using this feature, you can enhance connectivity for your devices. One of the main disadvantages of DMZ is it leaves your device open to all. Instead of DMZ, you can prefer Port Forwarding to create a rule to open only a particular port. If you wish to create a DMZ network using your router, perform the steps given on this page. Here, we have provided the steps for TP-Link, Netgear, and Linksys routers.

  • Step 1 :Launch any web browser on your computer that is connected to the TP-Link router’s network.
  • Step 2 :Enter the router’s IP address in the address field.
  • Step 3 :Note: The default IP address is
  • Step 4 :Type the router’s username and password in the User Name and Password fields, respectively.
  • Step 5 :Note: The default login details are given below for your reference.
  • Step 6 :User name - admin
  • Step 7 :Password - admin. These are the steps to create a DMZ network using router.

Wireless Routers & 3G Routers - Green GUI

  • Step 1 :In the left panel, click the Forwarding tab followed by the DMZ tab.
  • Step 2 :Navigate to the Current DMZ Status field and select the Enable radio button.
  • Step 3 :Type your host device’s IP address in the DMZ Host IP Address field and click Save.

Wireless Routers & 3G Routers - Blue GUI

  • Step 1 :Click Advanced at the top.
  • Step 2 :Select Forwarding -> DMZ in the left panel.
  • Step 3 :In the main panel, select the radio button beside the Enable option.
  • Step 4 :Navigate to the DMZ Host IP Address field and enter your device’s IP address.
  • Step 5 :Save the changes.
  • Step 6 :Restart the TP-Link router after making the changes. This will helps to create a DMZ network.

Default DMZ Server Setup On Netgear

  • Step 1 :Access the Netgear router’s web management page using the IP address, username, and password.
  • Step 2 :Note: Default login details are provided here for your reference.
  • Step 3 :IP address -
  • Step 4 :User name - admin
  • Step 5 :Password - password
  • Step 6 :When the Basic Home page opens, click Advanced -> Setup -> WAN Setup.
  • Step 7 :Select the checkbox next to the Default DMZ Server option.
  • Step 8 :Enter your device’s IP address in the appropriate field.
  • Step 9 :Click Apply to save your changes.

DMZ Setup On Linksys

  • Step 1 :Access your Linksys cloud account.
  • Step 2 :Note: The DMZ feature is not available if you try to access it from the Linksys app.
  • Step 3 :Go to the Router Settings section and click the Security option.
  • Step 4 :Navigate to the DMZ tab and turn on the DMZ toggle.
  • Step 5 :Fill the Source IP Address and Destination IP Address fields.
  • Step 6 :Save the settings.
  • Step 7 :Select the OK option to exit.
  • Step 8 :Note: You can even enable the DMZ feature from the router’s web interface.
  • Step 9 :Now, you successfully create a DMZ network on your Linksys router.