How To Control A Router Remotely?

Accessing or controlling a router within its network coverage is easy. You have to just type the IP address of your router in the search field of the web browser and start accessing it. But, how to control a router remotely or outside the network coverage?

You can control your router’s remotely in two steps:

  • Step 1:First, enable the remote sharing option on your router.
  • Step 1:Second, Configure the Dynamic DNS on your wireless router.

After performing these steps successfully, you can access your router remotely.

Step 1: Enable Remote sharing

  • Step 1:Generally, controlling or accessing your router remotely is known as remote sharing.
  • Step 2:Open a web browser on your computer.
  • Step 3:Type the IP address of your router in the address bar.
  • Step 4:Tap the Enter button.
  • Step 5:Enter your router’s credentials in the given fields.
  • Step 6:Click the Login button.
  • Step 7:Perform the steps below based on your router model.

How To Control A Router Remotely For Netgear router?:

  • step 1:Click Settings > Remote Management.

For D-Link router:

  • step 1:Click Tools > Administration > Enable Remote Management.

For Linksys router:

  • step 1:Tap Administration > Remote Management.

For TP-Link router:

  • step 1:Go to Security > Remote Management.
  • step 1:Now, click the radio button beside the Enable option.
  • step 2:After that, change the default port number and credentials in order to enhance your network’s security.

Step 2: Configuring Dynamic DNS

To perform this process, you have to create a new hostname and sub-domain. There are a lot of dynamic DNS providers available. The section below explains the configuration using the No-IP DNS provider.

  • On your router’s support page, look for the tab titled Dynamic DNS and click it.
  • Select the No-IP option from the DDNS Server drop-down menu.
  • Now, open a new tab and go to the No-IP’s official site.
  • Create a hostname and domain name as per your preferences.
  • Then, click the Add Hostname button.
  • Now, select and copy the newly created hostname and domain name.
  • Go back to your router’s settings screen.
  • Paste the copied contents correctly in the given field.
  • Make sure to enter the username and password of the No-IP service correctly in the given field.
  • After entering all the information correctly, click the Save Changes button.
  • Now, you can access your router network remotely.
  • To check it, type the domain name followed by the remote control port no in the search field of a web browser from any other device. (Example:
  • If the configuration is done correctly, your router login wizard will open on the screen. If you have futher queries on how to control a router remotely, click the call button.