How To Connect Pc To Wifi Without Ethernet Cable?

The advantages of using Wi-Fi are several. Ignoring the benefits of Wi-Fi on a desktop PC is impossible. You can place your desktop PC anywhere at home or in the office (nearby an electrical outlet) when you connect to Wi-Fi, without worrying about cables for the Internet. You have the facility of hosting a Wi-Fi Hotspot on your PC, thereby permitting other devices to get connected via its Internet connection. We are now going to discuss a couple of methods using which you can connect PC to wifi without ethernet cable.

Method 1-Using a USB-to-Wi-Fi adapter:

This method is very simple and also the least expensive. You can connect your PC to Wi-Fi just by plugging a small dongle into its USB port.


  • Step 1:Purchase a USB-to-Wi-Fi adapter from a trusted retailer.
  • Step 2:You can simply plug the device into one of your PC’s spare USB ports and leave it there. Or else, you can take it wherever you go, so that you can use it to add Wi-Fi on any desktop PC that you come across.

Method 2-Installing an internal Wi-Fi card:

In this method, you have to open up your PC and then install a dedicated internal Wi-Fi card into the PCI Express Mini slot or anything similar. Before you buy an internal Wi-Fi card, please make sure that your PC contains a free slot of the proper type. You can conveniently install the Wi-Fi card by following these steps:

  • Step 1:First, shut down your PC.
  • Step 2:Next, open it up.
  • Step 3:Now, plug the Wi-Fi card into the appropriate slot and then secure it using a screw.
  • Step 4:Finally, close your PC and then boot it up.
  • Step 5:When you have completed the above instructions, your PC should be able to connect to Wi-Fi.

Important Note: Please remember that you might have to install the drivers that came along with the Wi-Fi hardware. The primary benefit of using a dedicated internal Wi-Fi card is that it will definitely have better reception than your tiny USB dongle. One of the reasons for the better reception is that the internal version can have a bigger antenna that sticks out of the rear part of your PC. We have discussed two different methods to connect PC to wifi without ethernet cable.