The Macbook Air is a line of Mac OS systems designed by Apple to enable users to quickly access and connect to the Mac systems. It was introduced as a lightweight alternative to the original Macbook. Macbook Air is the only model that does not include the retina display. The Mac systems come with a simple, easy to use Wi-Fi button.

There are two ways in which you can connect Macbook Air To Router.

  • Wi-Fi
  • Ethernet

Wi-Fi connection

  • Step 1:Launch your Macbook Air.
  • Step 2:At the upper-right corner of the screen, locate the Wi-Fi icon.
  • Step 3:If your Wi-Fi is turned off showing no bars, click the icon to turn on Wi-Fi in your Macbook Air.
  • Step 4:Once the Wi-Fi is turned on, you will see a list of networks available to connect to your Mac.
  • Step 5:Click your network and enter the SSID and password assigned for your Router.
  • Step 6:Click OK, and the connection will be made.
  • Step 7:Your Macbook Air is now connected to your router.
  • Step 8:You can also connect your Macbook Air to a hidden network,
  • Step 9:Click on the Wi-Fi icon on the upper-right corner of your Mac.
  • Step 10:Click the icon to turn your Wi-Fi on.
  • Step 11:Choose the option Join other networks. You can enter a network name.
  • Step 12:Make sure the network is secure. Choose a network security type and enter the password to make the connection.

Ethernet Connection

  • Step 1:Launch your Macbook Air.
  • Step 2:Use the Ethernet cable to connect Macbook Air To Router.
  • Step 3:Make sure the connection is secure.
  • Step 4:Once connected, turn on your router.
  • Step 5:Open the default browser on your Macbook and type in the router IP in the address bar.
  • Step 6:Enter the router’s username and password. (Both default)
  • Step 7:Once the login is complete, the Macbook Air is connected to your router.
  • You can contact our technical experts if you have no idea about how to connect Macbook Air To Router.