How To Connect Adsl Modem To Dsl Router?

DSL is the standard connection used for the broadband internet service. ADSL is a type of DSL with varying upstream and downstream data speeds. The ADSL modem uses a filter on the phone outlet to reduce the disturbance from the internet service.

Read further to know how to connect ADSL modem to DSL router.

  • Step 1:Connect the power cord to the ADSL modem and plug it to the wall outlet.
  • Step 2:After that, connect a telephone cable to the DSL port on the modem.
  • Step 3:Connect the other end of the telephone cable to the ADSL modem port, which is on the ADSL filter. Next, connect the ADSL filter to the telephone outlet on the wall.
  • Step 4:Attach the telephone cable to the phone at your home and connect the other to the phone port on the ADSL filter.
  • Step 5:Following that, connect the devices to the modem using an Ethernet cable.
  • Step 6:Turn on the modem and wait to see the indicator lights blink.
  • Step 7:Again, wait for the modem to reboot the settings and configuration.
  • Step 8:After the connection is established, connect the computer to the modem via the Ethernet cable.
  • Step 9:Open the web browser window on the computer, input the router IP address in the address bar, and press Enter.
  • Step 10:When the router login page opens up, you have to enter the username and password to access the router configuration page.
  • Step 11:Once you enter the router configuration page, set the connection using the Setup Wizard method.
  • Step 12:Enter the details of the Internet Service Provider and then choose the right connection type.
  • Step 13:Configure the modem settings according to the chosen connection type and save the settings.
  • Step 14:Go on to restart the device after all the network settings are done.
  • Step 15:By using these steps we can execute that how to connect ADSL modem to DSL router.