How to Configure tp Link Router With Mobile

Proceed with the guidelines given below to configure TP-Link router with your smartphone. 

  • Step 1:On your smartphone, open Settings and select Wi-Fi and turn ON it.
  • Step 2:Tap More on the top-right corner, and select the WPS push button from the list.
  • Step 3:Press the WPS button on the wireless router.
  • Step 4:Wait till your smartphone gets connected to the wireless network.
  • Step 5:Once connected, you will get a confirmation message on the screen.
  • Step 6:Now, open a web page and enter the IP address of the TP-Link router.
  • Step 7:If you have not changed the default username and password, enter the login credentials as the following, username as admin and default password as admin. Then, touch Login.
  • Step 8:In the TP-Link router’s page, select the Quick Setup tab. Then, tap Next.
  • Step 9:Under the WAN Connection Type, choose the Static IP option from the list.
  • Step 10:Enter the IP address, Default Gateway, Subnet Mask, Primary, and Secondary DNS Server details for the Internet Service Provider. Then, select Next.
  • Step 11:Choose a name and password for the wireless network name and enter it in the respective fields. Touch on the Save button to confirm the changed settings.
  • Step 12:After the configuration process is complete, tap Finish.
  • Step 13:Now, you can connect all your devices to the newly configured wireless network using the changed username and password.