How To Configure Switch And Router

A switch is a network device that acts as a network bridge between the Wi-Fi router and the computers. In general, a Wi-Fi router can be connected to up to four network devices with its available LAN ports. If you wish to connect more devices to a single Wi-Fi router, then you have to use the network switch. Carry out these how to configure switch and router steps to configure a switch and a Wi-Fi router:

  • Step 1 :If you have connected any devices to the Wi-Fi router, unplug all the cable connections first.
  • Step 2 :Also, remove the modem connected to the Wi-Fi router.
  • Step 3 :Now, connect your modem to a telephone wire.
  • Step 4 :Connect the Wi-Fi router’s WAN port to the modem with the help of an Ethernet cable.
  • Step 5 :Use another Ethernet cable to connect the Wi-Fi router’s LAN port and the network switch.
  • Step 6 :Next, power up the modem, Wi-Fi router, and network switch.
  • Step 7 :Now, connect your computer to the switch using another Ethernet cable.
  • Step 8 :After connecting the network switch to the computer, you have to check whether you receive a stable Internet connection.

Sometimes, you can also use the Wi-Fi router as a switch router. But it has to be connected to a primary Wi-Fi router to receive the network data packets from the modem. If you wish to turn your old Wi-Fi router into a network switch, follow the how to configure switch and router steps mentioned below.

  • Step 1 :Make sure that you have reset the old Wi-Fi router to factory defaults.
  • Step 2 :Connect it to the main Wi-Fi router using an Ethernet cable.
  • Step 3 :Next, connect your Windows computer to the switch router.
  • Step 4 :Open the default browser and access the router’s administrative interface using its IP address.
  • Step 5 :Click the Setup or LAN tab from the left-side panel and disable the DHCP server.
  • Step 6 :Assign a static IP address to the switch router and make sure that the static IP is with the IP range of the primary router.
  • Step 7 :Next, change the gateway mode to router mode.
  • Step 8 :Also, disable the wireless broadcast on your switch router to secure the network connection.
  • Step 9 :After using how to configure switch and router steps, Save the configured settings and check if you can access the Internet connection from the switch.