Configuring the QoS (Quality of Service) on the TP-Link router gives access to separate the bandwidth between the devices connected over the internet. QoS assigns traffic priority and minimizes the causes of poor connection when multiple devices are connected to the same broadband connection. To configure QoS follow these how to configure qos on TP-link router guidelines


  • Step 1:First, Switch ON your TP-Link router and connect your computer to it.
  • Step 2:Open a web browser on your computer and type the LAN IP Address of your TP-Link router on the URL of the Web browser.
  • Step 3:You can get the IP address of the router from the documents provided to you by your ISP or on the label stuck on the router.
  • Step 4:Log in to your router setup page using the correct Username and Password.
  • Step 5:The default Username and Password is 'admin' for the TP-Link Wi-Fi router and follow how to configure qos on TP-link router instructions.
  • Step 6:Navigate to Advanced settings --> QoS --> Settings.
  • Step 7:Click on the NAT Boost option.
  • Step 8:The QoS and NAT Boost could not be enabled at the same time, therefore disable the NAT Boost first to allow the QoS feature.
  • Step 9:Deselect the NAT Boost checkbox and select the QoS checkbox.
  • Step 10:Click the Save button.
  • Step 11:Enter the maximum upload and download bandwidth limit under your Internet Service provider(ISP) bandwidth.
  • Step 12:You can also set the bandwidth priority percentage using the Advanced option.
  • Step 13:Select the Advanced option and set the percentage limit for the High priority, Middle priority, and Low priority options and proceed with how to configure qos on TP-link router.
  • Step 14:Click on the Save tab to save the applied settings.
  • Step 15:Now, add QoS rules just by selecting the Add button from the High priority column.
  • Step 16:Set 'By Application' as a QoS rule type and mark your application as FTP.
  • Step 17:If you wish to select your application, enter your Server name, Protocol, and Port number in the Custom application window.
  • Step 18:Click on the OK button to move to the QoS rule for Middle priority while using how to configure qos on TP-link router guidelines.
  • Step 19:Select the Add button from the Middle priority column and set 'By Device' as the QoS rule type.
  • Step 20:Select the View Existing Devices option and choose the corresponding device from the list.
  • Step 21:Select the OK button to make the changes that you have applied.
  • Step 22:You can also delete the saved QoS rule list by clicking the Delete icon available near to the rule list.
  • Step 23:Finally by using this how to configure qos on TP-link router guidelines, the QoS is configured on your TP-Link.