How to change firewall settings on router guide?, follow the simple, quick steps given below.

Wireless Router’s IP address

  • Step 1:The network information sticker is attached to the rear side of a wireless router.
  • Step 2:This sticker contains the IP address, network name (SSID), and network security key (password).
  • Step 3:Note the IP address of the wireless router.
  • Step 4:If the sticker is detached from the wireless router, follow the steps mentioned below to know the IP address using a Windows computer.
  • Step 5:Search for the Command Prompt option from the Windows computer’s Start menu and select it to open the Administrator Command Prompt window on the screen.
  • Step 6:Enter the ‘ipconfig/all’ command without the quotes in the Command Prompt window.
  • Step 7:Now, you can see the IP address of the wireless router in the Default Gateway field.

Default IP addresses

The default IP addresses for a few of the wireless routers are listed below for your reference.

  • Step 1:Link wireless router -
  • Step 2:TP-Link wireless router -
  • Step 3:Netgear wireless router - 192.168.01 or
  • Step 4:Linksys wireless router -

Access web-interface setup page

  • Step 1:Type the correct IP address of your wireless router in the web browser’s address bar and press the Enter key on your computer’s keyboard.
  • Step 2:This will open the login page of the wireless router. To change firewall use how to change firewall settings on router guide,
  • Step 3:Enter the correct username and password in the appropriate fields and click the Login or Sign in button.

Configuring the firewall settings

Enabling the firewall feature

  • Step 1:When the web interface page of the wireless router opens, find the Firewall Settings section.
  • Step 2:Select the Enable option and click the Save option followed by the Apply option.
  • Step 3:The steps to enable the Firewall feature on a TP-Link router are given below for your reference.
  • Step 4:In the TP-Link wireless router’s web-interface setup page, select the Security option followed by the Basic Security option on the left panel.
  • Step 5:Navigate to the Firewall section and select the radio button next to the Enable option in the SPI Firewall field.

Firewall rules

Here are the instructions to configure firewall rules on a Netgear router.

  • Step 1:In the Netgear router’s web-interface page, select the Security option on the left panel and click the Firewall Rules button.
  • Step 2:To change firewall use how to change firewall settings on router guide, After clicking the Add button, choose your desired service for the Services list.
  • Step 3:If you want to add any service to the Services list.
  • Step 4:Select Security Services Add Custom Service, create a service name, and choose the protocol type.
  • Step 5:Type the starting and ending port in the appropriate fields. When you select the Apply option, the new service is created.
  • Step 6:Once done with selecting the required service, go to the Action section and choose the appropriate action.
  • Step 7:Navigate to the Log section while using use the above given how to change firewall settings on router guide, select any one of the following options and click the Apply button.
    • Always
    • Never
    • Match
    • Not Match