It is quite difficult to work with a slow or weak Wi-Fi signal. The speed of the Wi-Fi network is subject to external factors like interference, distance, and router age. It is not simple to maintain a strong Wi-Fi network. Many routers come with antennas, which help to direct the Wi-Fi signal. But if your router does not have antennas, you could still improve the Wi-Fi signal. Read more to learn how to boost WiFi signal on router without antenna.

Solution-1: Reposition the router

  • Step 1 :When you set up the router in the corner of the room or to one side of the building, the Wi-Fi signal is uneven.
  • Step 2 :Place the router in a central point where the signal can cover almost the entire room or floor.
  • Step 3 :Keeping the router at the center broadcasts the Wi-Fi signal in all directions evenly.

Solution-2: Remove obstacles

  • Step 1 :If the router is placed between big objects like a fridge or wall, the Wi-Fi signal is obstructed.
  • Step 2 :Keep it away from the electronic and metal devices.
  • Step 3 :Also, position the router away from the water areas like pools, tanks, or tub as the water absorbs and see how to boost WiFi signal on router without antenna.

Solution-3: Update the router firmware

  • Step 1 :Updating the firmware improves the router performance.
  • Step 2 :If you find the latest firmware update on the manufacturer webpage, download it on your computer.
  • Step 3 :Connect your computer to the router’s network and install the latest firmware from the router configuration page.

Solution-4: Switch the channel

  • Step 1 :Most of the routers choose the convenient Wi-Fi channel automatically, depending on the location.
  • Step 2 :Few old routers cannot automatically select the channel.
  • Step 3 :Navigate to the router configuration page from a browser and go to the Wi-Fi network settings.
  • Step 4 :Change the channel and see how to boost WiFi signal on router without antenna has improved