How To Boost Wifi Signal On Router Without Antenna?

You can boost the signal range of your wireless network even when the router does not have an antenna. The Wi-Fi extender is a device that enables you to enhance the wireless network range within a building. But there are other tricks and tips which can help you to boost the Wi-Fi signal of a router without the antenna. Read the following methods how to boost WiFi signal on router without antenna.

Select a perfect location

  • Step 1 :Placing the Wi-Fi router at a central location in a room or building helps to cover a wide area for transmitting the network signals.
  • Step 2 :Do not place the router in a corner or a place where there are many obstructions like walls and other electronic objects.

Update the router software

  • Step 1 :Having an obsolete router software or firmware can weaken the router’s network transmission. Therefore, it is better to update the router software regularly.
  • Step 2 :Connect the computer to the router and open the router setup page using a browser window.
  • Step 3 :Go to the settings and check for any router firmware updates. If it is available, go on to update the firmware.
  • Step 4 :After the update, restart the router for better performance.
  • Step 5 :Follow these steps we can execute that how to boost wifi signal on router without antenna.

Configure the correct network frequency

  • Step 1 :In case you are using a dual-band router, the router can broadcast the network signal of 5GHz and 2.4GHz frequencies.
  • Step 2 :If you need the Wi-Fi router network within a closed room, then choose the 5GHz channel to broadcast the network signal.
  • Step 3 :This does boost the network speed and reduces the overlapping of channels.
  • Step 4 :Thus, data transmission happens at a faster rate leading to a super-fast network range.
  • Step 5 :If the router supports 2.4GHz alone, then make sure to select the channels that do not overlap generally.
  • Step 6 :When you are switching the frequency on the router, check if the wireless router settings are correct.
  • Step 7 :Make sure the router supports such network settings.
  • Step 8 :By using these steps we can execute that how to boost wifi signal on router without antenna.