How To Boost Wifi Signal Using Another Router

Usually, the Wi-Fi network range may vary based on the wireless network standards and the router’s physical location. Even if you are using 802.11n router (Wireless N router), there is a chance for low signal strength after a certain point of location. In this scenario, you can try another (second) router to expand or boost your Wi-Fi signal using how to boost wifi signal using another router steps. The other router functions as a repeater or an access point. You can also connect the main and secondary routers using a Cat-5 cable to extend the Wi-Fi range. Lets as see each method in detail. Note: Consider, the main router as the first router, and the other/old router as the second router.

Hardware setup:

  • Step 1 :First, connect the first router to your modem over an Ethernet cable.
  • Step 2 :After connecting it, connect the second router to the first router using an Ethernet or Cat-5 cable

Accessing the first router’s setup page:

  • Step 1 :Open your Windows or Mac computer’s default web browser.
  • Step 2 :On following how to boost wifi signal using another router steps, Type the IP address of your first router. The router’s login page opens.
  • Step 3 :Enter the router’s credentials for logging in.
  • Step 4 :Once you are into the router’s web-access page, go to the Wireless Settings section.
  • Step 5 :Note down the router’s Wi-Fi mode, the SSID, the channel, and the password (if available).
  • Step 6 :Use this information while performing the connectivity process.

Using the second router as a repeater

  • Step 1 :First, reset your second router by referring to its user guide.
  • Step 2 :After resetting the second router, connect it to your computer using an Ethernet cable.
  • Step 3 :Now, turn on the router if it is turned OFF.
  • Step 4 :On your computer, open the web browser application and proceed with how to boost wifi signal using another router steps.
  • Step 5 :Type the second router’s IP address in the search field.
  • Step 6 :After you log into the second router’s web interface page, navigate to the Wi-Fi settings.
  • Step 7 :Enter the main or first router’s Wireless mode, channel, security mode, and the password details in the corresponding fields on the second router wireless settings page.
  • Step 8 :You can create a different SSID for this second router if you want.
  • Step 9 :After entering all the information correctly, verify the once and click the OK button.
  • Step 10 :Now, go to the second router’s Setup section.
  • Step 11 :Select the Advanced routing option. Choose the Router option as the current mode.
  • Step 12 :Make sure to disable DHCP. You should also change the IP address of your second router.
  • Step 13 :Set the Subnet Mask value to
  • Step 14 :Finally on following how to boost wifi signal using another router steps, click the Save Settings button.
  • Step 15 :Now, your second router will start acting as a repeater.

Connect two routers over a Cat-5 cable

This a simple way to expand your Wi-Fi signal.

  • Step 1 :Get the Cat-5 cable.
  • Step 2 :First, connect one end of the Ethernet cable into the WAN port of your first router.
  • Step 3 :After that, connect the other end of the Ethernet cable into the modem.
  • Step 4 :Similarly, connect your first and second routers using a Cat-5 cable.
  • Step 5 :Now, your two routers will provide you the maximum network signal range.

If you need remote assistance in performing the above how to boost wifi signal using another router process, you can contact us.