How To Block Youtube In Tp Link Router

To block YouTube in your network, make the following changes to your TP-Link router.

  • Step 1:Turn on your TP-Link router and computer.
  • Step 2:Connect your router to your computer using an Ethernet cable. You can also connect them wirelessly.
  • Step 3:To log in to the Web interface of the TP-Link router, open a web browser and enter it's IP address in the address bar. The IP address of the router is available at the back of the router.
  • Step 4:When the web interface of the TP-Link router is shown on your browser, enter the default username and password of the router, and click the Login button.
  • Step 5:Now, click the Access Control option. Then, in the right-side panel, under Access Control Rule Management, click and enable the checkbox beside the Enable Internet Access Control option.
  • Step 6:Then, under the Default Filter Policy, select the Deny option.
  • Step 7:Now, you can block YouTube by individually setting up the Host, Target, Schedule, and finally, the Rule by selecting the options under the Access Control option in the left pane.
  • Step 8:You can also click the Setup Wizard button in the Access Control Rule Management window and proceed with the following steps.

Step 1:Create a Host Entry

  • Step 1:The host entry deals with the devices for which YouTube should be blocked. You can set the host by choosing either using the IP address or the MAC Address in the Mode field.
  • Step 2:Then, enter a description in the Host Description field.
  • Step 3:If you have selected IP Address as the mode, then set the IP Address range to block YouTube. To block it for your entire network, enter the IP address range of your TP-Link router.
  • Step 4:If the mode you selected is MAC Address, then enter the MAC address of the device.
  • Step 5:Click the Next button.

Step 2: Create an Access Target Entry

  • Step 1:In this step, set the Mode field as Domain Name. If you know the IP address, Port and Protocol of YouTube, then select the IP Address option in the Mode drop-down menu.
  • Step 2:Once the Mode field is set as Domain Name, add a description and then type the web address of YouTube in the Domain Name field.
  • Step 3:Now, click the Next button.

Step 3: Create an Advanced Schedule Entry

  • Step 1:Enter a description for the schedule.
  • Step 2:Select the Day option. To block YouTube always, select the Everyday option. To block YouTube for particular days, choose the Select Days radio button and also click the checkboxes beside the days as you desire.
  • Step 3:Now, set the time duration to block. You can choose to block all day-24 hours or set a start and stop time to block.
  • Step 4:Then, click the Next button.

Step 4: Create an Internet Access Control Entry

  • Step 1:Enter a name for the new rule that you are creating.
  • Step 2:By default, the Host, Target, and Schedule fields will be set. Confirm whether those were created using the Setup Wizard.
  • Step 3:Now, set the Status field to Enabled and click the Finish button.

You will be directed back to the access control rule management page, and you can notice your rule to block YouTube listed in it. Also, the YouTube website will be blocked on your TP-Link router. Verify it by accessing YouTube.