How To Block Stranger Device In Router Settings

Even with strong protection settings enabled, the external devices can access your wireless network. It can be anybody, your neighbor, hacker, or any other stranger. It is your responsibility to detect the outsiders using the network and block them. Just changing the router password is not going to help in preventing the outsiders from using your networks. There are so many software available online that can do easy network hacking, so it is important to efficiently use the security features of the router to block stranger devices on the router. Follow the below given how to block stranger device in router settings instructions to block stranger device.

On D-Link routers:

Block MAC address

  • STEP : 1 Connect the computer to the router network and open the router login page from the web browser window.
  • STEP : 2 The default username and password are the same “admin.” 
  • STEP : 3 If you had changed the credentials, then enter the username and password in the respective fields and log in to the router setup page.
  • STEP : 4 Once the router configuration page opens up, navigate to the Advancedmenu and select Advanced Wireless.
  • STEP : 5 Following that, choose the MAC filteringoption and select Enable Access Control Mode to block all the devices using the wireless network.
  • STEP : 6 Select Addto manually add the MAC addresses of the devices for which you want to allow the Wi-Fi connection access.
  • STEP : 7 After the devices are added, click Applyto save the changes.

Disable the WPS connection

  • STEP : 1 With WPS on using how to block stranger device in router settings steps, the devices can connect to the wireless network easily using a pre-shared password.
  • STEP : 2 Open the router configuration page on the browser and go to the Wi-Fi Protected Setup
  • STEP : 3 Disable the WPS connection method and then click the Save Settings
  • STEP : 4 Next, generate a new PIN for WPS service and save the settings.

Turn off the SSID broadcast

  • STEP : 1 After entering the router configuration page, go to the Advancedpanel, find the SSID Broadcast
  • STEP : 2 Click the Disabledoption beside the SSID Broadcast menu to turn off the broadcast and select Apply.
  • STEP : 3 From now on, your network SSID won’t appear to anyone who connects to the network.

Use apps to block

  • STEP : 1 You can find various apps online to help to block the unknown devices connecting to the network.
  • STEP : 2 Browse the internet and find a reliable app that can block the devices.
  • STEP : 3 Download and install the app on your mobile phone for easy access.
  • STEP : 4 By using the above given how to block stranger device in router settings steps, Find the strangers connecting to your network and then block them using the device name, IP address, MAC address, which the app provides, even before they connect.