How To Backup Router Settings?

Learning how to create a backup router settings will come in handy anytime. It would always be wise to have a backup of all your router’s configuration settings.The Backup Settings feature/option on your router’s interface lets you save all the configuration settings to a file on your computer. You also have the facility of saving all your wireless settings, WAN setup, port forwarding information, etc. to this file. In case there is a situation where you need to factory reset your router, you can use this file (saved to your computer) to restore all of your router settings after the reset process.

Procedure To Back Up Your Router Settings

  • Step 1:First, confirm that your router and computer are connected and the router is powered on.
  • Step 2:Open a web browser on your computer. Type your router’s IP address in the URL/address bar. For example, consider this IP address: This URL will vary from one router model to another.
  • Step 3:Log into the router by using the default User Name and Password. You can find these details on the router’s label.
  • Step 4:On your router’s menu, go to the Maintenance section and then select the Backup Settings option.
  • Step 5:Click on the Backup button.
  • Step 6:You will now be prompted to choose any location/place on your computer to save the backup file with all your router settings. So, choose a suitable location.
  • Step 7:You will find that the backup file is stored in the location you have specified.

You have now successfully backup router settings.After performing a factory reset of your router, you can use the backup file to restore your router settings.

How To Do The Same Using The Following Steps

  • Step 1:On your router’s menu, under Maintenance, choose the Backup Settings option.
  • Step 2:Click on the Browse button and then select the backup file you have saved on your computer.
  • Step 3:Finally, you need to click on the Restore button to restore and update all your router settings.
  • Step 4:Your router will now be restored to the settings that it contained before you performed the factory reset.
  • Step 5:Keep in mind that sometimes, restoring your router settings might alter the device’s IP address. If this is the situation, your computer might not be able to communicate with your router. So, you have to perform one of the following functions:
  • Step 6:You can renew the dynamic IP address on your computer.
  • Step 7:You can configure a suitable static IP address on the computer.

After doing any of the above functions, you can see that your computer can communicate with your router. You have now made a backup router settings and also restored the settings after a factory reset.