To find the hotspot network security key, follow these guidelines..

  • Step 1:Go to the computer that is connected to the router and click Start.
  • Step 2:Click Control Panel Go to Network and Internet Click View Network Status and Tasks.
  • Step 3:Select Manage Wireless Networks Right-click your Wi-Fi network.
  • Step 4:Now, click Properties Security Click the ‘Show characters’ checkbox.
  • Step 5:Copy the network security key to the clipboard and paste it on a document to save it. However, it is not recommended to save the Wi-Fi security key on your computer to avoid a security breach.
  • Step 6:On your Mac computer, move your cursor to the top of the desktop and click Go.
  • Step 7:Click Utilities Double-click Keychain Access Click your wireless network Click the ‘Show password’ checkbox.
  • Step 8:If prompted, enter the Mac computer’s admin password and click Allow. Select the View the network security key.
  • Step 9:To find the Windows PC’s mobile hotspot security key follow these guidelines.
  • Step 10:Open Settings Network & Internet Mobile Hotspot Select the internet connection to be shared.
  • Step 11:Click Edit Set the network name and password Click Save Toggle ‘Share my Internet connection with other devices’ on.


  • Step 1:If you encounter the Hotspot temporary network error on your Android device, follow these guidelines to resolve it.
  • Step 2:Go to the Google Play Store dashboard and tap the search field.
  • Step 3:Search for ‘Settings Database Editor’ and tap the Install button when the page loads.
  • Step 4:Wait until Settings Database Editor is installed and then tap Open. Choose This Device from the left-hand side drop-down list and System Table from the right-hand side drop-down list.
  • Step 5:Scroll down to the transition_entitlement_check_state ‘’5’’ line and tap it. Tap the ‘Edit Value’ option. Set it to ‘-1’ and tap ‘Save Changes.’ Close the application. The hotspot issue should now be resolved.
  • Step 6:Here are the guidelines to solve the Windows 10 hotspot issue. Go to the Windows 10 desktop and click the Wireless icon at the bottom. Click the Network & Internet settings. If you attempt to click the ‘Mobile Hotspot’ option, it might not work.
  • Step 7:So, press the Windows key and type ‘cmd’ in the text field. Click the Command Prompt search result and type ‘services.msc’ without quotes in the Command Prompt window. Press Enter.
  • Step 8:Double-click Background Tasks Infrastructure Service. Right-click ‘Windows Mobile Hotspot Service’ and click Stop. If you see a warning message on the screen stating that the operation could not be completed, click OK.
  • Step 9:Right-click the This PC icon on your desktop and click Manage. Click the Device Manager button.
  • Step 10:Right-click Microsoft Kernel Debug Network Adapter and choose ‘Enable device’ from the list. 
  • Step 11:Right-click the Wireless 802.11 driver and select ‘Uninstall device Uninstall Device.’ Then, right-click the computer name icon at the top and choose ‘Scan for hardware changes.’
  • Step 12:The Wireless driver will now be reinstalled. This resolves the wireless hotspot issue on your Windows 10 computer.