How To Forward All Ports To Second Router?

Port forwarding is the process of blocking data traffic directed for a computer's IP/port and redirecting it to a different IP and port. It's a valuable way to preserve public IP addresses. The user can protect servers and clients from unwanted access and limit the entry from/to the network with port forwarding. It's also open to the end-user and adds an extra layer of security to systems. Carry out the steps below to forward all ports to second router.

Primary Purpose Of Port Forwarding

If you are having two routers on your network and want to forward a particular port to the other (secondary) router on your network, then have a look at the following steps before getting into the process.

  • Step 1:With two or more routers, set up the port forwarding primary Router.
  • Step 2:If you decide to use the IP address, be sure to set up a Static IP address to the computer that you want to expose because the IP address may change when the DHCP function is used.
  • Step 3:Make a note of the IP address of the secondary router and your server.

Steps To Forward All Ports To The Secondary Router

  • Step 1:Turn on your routers and computer.
  • Step 2:Check the connectivity of the devices.
  • Step 3:Connect your computer to the primary router. Open a web browser and enter the IP address of the router.
  • Step 4:Type the user name and the password to log in to the router.
  • Step 5:Go to the Port Forwarding section of the router.
  • Step 6:Enter details such as the port to be forwarded and the IP address of your secondary router. Then enable port forwarding. Save the changes and disconnect your computer from the primary router.
  • Step 7:Now, log into the secondary router to which your server is connected to.
  • Step 8:Navigate to the Port Forwarding section of the secondary router and forward the port to your server.
  • Step 9:Save the changes and exit the router.
  • Step 10:Now, you forwarded the ports to your secondary router. If you need remote assistance to forward all ports to second router, contact our technical experts.